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Milano Salone 2008

ミラノサローネ 2008
日本を代表するデザイナー小坂竜氏、橋本夕紀夫氏を主軸に、“フロのある豊かな暮らし”を発信する"FURO PROJECT"が、2008年4月、ミラノサローネに出展。
サザンパレット 「Perfume Line Cat’s Eye」と「Paint Box」が、ブースを飾るタイルとしてプロジェクトに参加しました。

FURO Projectとは?



What is “Furo Project”

Japan is a country rich of nature, with many elements and resources, cultures and arts that are famous in the whole word. Moreover, with those elements Japanese people have created many artistic crafts and have inserted them in the everyday life. In these things is contained the spirit of the ancient knowledge and the art of the craftsmen, and also the heart that Japanese people have inherited.Now, we have united the powers of two designers that represent the contemporary Japan, Ryu Kosaka and Yukio Hashimoto, and by them we want to spread in the world the concept of “a brilliant life with furo” that Japanese people have inherited till now and we want to introduce this “new project” that will build the future.